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An Actors brand & why it's so important.

An actors brand is important - think for a moment how you make purchases and which brands you buy. 

Labels are often important to a young actor - and that should apply to their acting too.

A brand should be imformative but not limiting.

it should be realistic to talent but always striving forward.

Many in the industry will tell that there are no half way measures when it comes to an actors brand - people will either love you or hate you - but the important thing is they employ you.

The important thing is to have answers when the question comes up - your agent should have helped prepare you, but agents themselves need to know what you consider you are offering. Without an agen t and working with act4ward I would have helped you with this - indeed we would normally develop it together.

So think seriously about your talent, what you can offer, what you want to offer and even what limits you want to place on your range thus forming your brand.

Try to avoid being typecast - encourage your agent to believe you are open to range - subject to abilty to deliver.

But know what you offer, your unique selling features, and be confident and importantly get noticed.

In the professional world of casting a casting director wants someone who can deliver , is reliable in regards to diary and in the ideal likeable.

But the most important thing is to stand out from the crowd - network like mad and never and I mean never screw up arrangements.

So your brand should be simple who you are - what you offer - who represents you [if not yourself] with good headshots and showreel.

Your brand will develop as you advance - let it - if your the same actor in two years time than you are now then there is probably something wrong.

To sum up using the shopping anology again- when you shop you look for quality value and reliability - so be sure you offer the same.

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